Are Towel Warmers Safe Around Children?

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The first thing that the buyers often worry about while purchasing the towel warmers for their home is the presence of the kids in the family. We often delay our decision to buy a new towel warmer for home just because whether the towel warmers are a safe thing to have at home when the kids are around, or not. The simplest answer to this question is, although the towel warmers are loaded with safety features and the companies claim that they are perfectly safe to use at home, they can be extremely fatal to the kids. And if you are planning to buy a towel warmer at your home, then you should keep a few safety measures in mind in order to make them safe for the children of the family.

In this article, we will discuss that why having an unsafe towel warmer at home can be fatal for the kids, and what are the safety measures that you must follow in order to make the bathroom a safer place for kids.

As said, most towel warmers follow the latest safety standards of the industry and work really hard to make their devices safe to use. However, the basic working mechanism of the towel warmer makes the towel bar heated either by using the electricity or through the radiator system. In both cases, the heated bars help the towel to dry. And if you are not careful enough, these heated rods can severely damage the skin, especially the kids’ skin. This is a major reason why you should keep the towel warmers away from the reach of the kids of your family.

There are several other reasons why the towel warmers can be a dangerous device for the kids, some of these points are listed as follows. Go through them, and know why it is important to follow the safety measures while using the towel warmers at your home, especially when you have kids in your family.

  • Electricity

The majority of the towel warmers for home uses electricity to heat up the towels. And this electricity can act dangerously for the kids. These towel warmers need a continuous supply of the electricity to keep the towels warms. And as the towel warmers are mostly installed in the bathrooms, kids can come in contact with it while they are wet.

  • High temperature

Along with the electricity, another dangerous thing for kids is the intense temperature. Normally the towel warmers heat up to 170-180F which can be fatal for the kids. And this is why we should avoid using the towel warmers in the reach of kids.

How to make the bathroom safer for kids?

However, although the towel warmers are risky to be used at home while you have kids, a few simple yet effective things can be done in order to make your bathroom a safer place for kids. Let’s have a look at the points that can help you make the bathroom safer than ever before

  • Keep the towel warmer out of the kids’ reach
  • Educate the kids about using the towel warmers
  • Unplug the towel warmers when they are not in use

By doing these, you can easily make your kids aware of the towel warmers and make them safer for the kids. Also, by keeping them aware of the risks, you can easily make them more careful while using the towel warmers in the right and safest way possible.


In all, the towel warmers can be a risky thing to have at home when you have kids, but by following the right approach, you can easily reduce the probability of the hazards by many folds.

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