Can Towel Warmers be Used Outdoors?

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Towel warmers are typically used for indoor purposes or in spas and salons. However, users often ask whether they can be used outdoors too, or not. You may get the varied answers in this topic over the internet and the reason behind this is the different types of towel warmers available in the market. Depending on the type of towel warmer you are using in your home or planning to buy, you can either use them for indoor purposes or for the outdoors.

Risks involved in using the towel warmers in the outdoor conditions

Using the towel warmers in the outdoor conditions can expose it to the adverse weather conditions and other unfavorable conditions that can not only be fatal to the towel warmers but can also be dangerous to the users using it. The torn wires and wet towel bars can lead to numerous issues with the towel warmers that can severely affect the working to the device. That’s the reason why it is not recommended to use the towel warmers in outdoors without using the proper precautions and safety standards.

Precautions to be taken while using the towel warmers outside the home

Although most of the towel warmers can be used for the outdoors, it is essential to keep a few precautions in mind so that the towel warmers can be efficiently used in the outdoors with a flawless protection. Here is the list of precautions that can help you use the towel warmers outdoors. Go through them, and if you are really willing to use the towel warmers outdoors, follow these instructions and use your towel warmer wherever you need to.

  • Cover the wires completely

Regardless of how sturdy and weatherproof the power cords are, try using them after covering them with weatherproof tapes and other means of making them weatherproof and safe form the water and cold weather.

  • Keep it close to the power source

IF possible keep them close to the power source. By doing this, you can easily cut the power from the source in case of an emergency. Moreover, this would also be a great option if you have limited options to keep the wires protected.

  • Avoid using it outdoors during the wet weather

Regardless of the number of safety measures you have used to keep the towel warmer secure from the severe weather conditions, it is not recommended to use the towel warmers in wet weather conditions. They can be fatal to be used outdoors in the wet seasons and near the pool. So avoid using them while you are near the pool.

  • While using the towel warmers in the outdoor condition heating of the device may be affected

You should be prepared that the towel warmer may not get effectively heat up the towels as they were in the indoor conditions. You may experience a lack of performance while using the towel warmers in the outdoor conditions. This is perfectly normal and you should be prepared for it.

These precautions are the must if you are willing to use your towel warmer outside your home. Keep them in mind and use them carefully while dealing with the outdoor conditions.

Ideal towel warmer for the outdoors

As said, it is essential to keep the towel warmer’s type if you are looking for using it in the outdoors condition. The most favorable type of towel warmer that can be used in the outdoor conditions easily is the freestanding towel warmers.

The freestanding towel warmers are ideal for outdoor usage as they normally have a large power cord and a stable base that can easily be used to make them stand without any support which would be an ideal feature to use them outdoors.

So, instead of buying the wall-mounted or cabinet towel warmers for yourself, try buying the free-standing towel warmer if you were looking for the ideal towel warmer for the outdoor conditions.


In all, if you are looking forward to using the towel warmer outdoors, then you should keep safety in mind and follow all the necessary safety instructions listed above. And although you can use them outdoors, avoid using them near the pool or beachside to avoid any unfavorable condition.

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