How to Install a Towel Warmer

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A towel warmer is undoubtedly an essential part of the bathrooms especially when you are living in the colder region of the world. Apart from providing you an easy and efficient way to keep your bathroom organized, an ideally chosen towel warmer can have numerous other benefits that you can explore while using them personally at your home. However, if you were planning to buy a towel warmer for the first time, then you would find it difficult to install them if you haven’t done or seen the installation before. And if you are willing to use the towel warmer to their full potential then it is essential that you install them correctly. This article will help you to install the towel warmers correctly. So, go through it, and read about the correct way to install a towel warmer at your home.

The first thing that you need to consider while installing a towel warmer is the type of towel warmer you want to buy and how much space you have in your bathroom. By doing this, you can easily choose an ideal towel warmer for your home. In general, there are three main categories of the towel warmer that you can buy for home. Namely, wall mounted towel warmer, freestanding towel warmer, and the cabinet towel warmer. All these towel warmers target different buyers and fulfill the different needs of the buyers. And accordingly, they all have different installation procedures that we will talk about in detail. So, let’s jump straight to the installation procedure of towel warmers in the bathroom according to the types of towel warmers.

Wall-mounted towel warmers

Here are the steps that you need to follow to install the wall-mounted perfectly in your bathroom or any other preferred space. Just follow them accordingly and you will get the best results.

Step 1. Choosing space. The first step of installing a wall-mounted towel warmer is to choose the right place for it. Make sure that the place where you are planning to install the towel warmer has adequate space for the warmer and a proper electric socket is placed nearby which will help you to power the towel warmer.

Step 2. Having the right set of tools. In order to install the wall-mounted towel warmer, you will need a drill machine to make holes in the wall. Apart from these, the other essential tools that you are going to need to include nails/screws to install the towel warmer, a level checker to check whether the towel warmer is placed properly or not.

Step 3. Collecting the fixtures. In many cases, your towel warmer would be supplied with the essential fixtures that you are going to need while installing it at home. If not, contact a hardware shop to get the essential fixtures according to your model of towel warmer.

Step 4. Fix the towel warmer at the most convenient. By using the tools and fixtures, fix the towel warmer to its place and start using it freely.

Cabinet towel warmer

IF you are looking forward to buying a towel warmer that is ready to use and the only thing you need to do is to place it in the appropriate space and plug it in to get it working, then the cabinet towel warmers would be a brilliant choice for you. Almost all of the cabinet towel warmers come pre-assembled state and the buyers can easily start using them without undergoing any installation process.

Freestanding towel warmer

The last type of towel warmer that we are going to discuss here is the freestanding towel warmer. Here are the steps that you need to follow to install them at your home

Step 1. Choose the space where you want to keep the towel warmer

Step 2. Look for any installation manual supplied.

Step 3. Gather all the fixtures supplied with the towel warmer

Step 4. By using the specified tools, assemble the towel warmer at the desired place

So, these were the specific steps that you need to follow in order to correctly install the best towel warmer at home. Follow them, and enjoy using the towel warmer at ease.

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